Emergency Rescue Vehicle

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Enhancing Community Safety with an Emergency Rescue Vehicle 

Our recent acquisition of the Lenco Emergency Rescue Vehicle (ERV), marks a significant step forward in enhancing community safety and effective crisis management. After extensive efforts and planning, we've successfully integrated the ERV into our suite of resources. At the core of our crisis management philosophy lies the commitment to peaceful resolutions, and this vehicle plays a vital role in providing our agency with the capability to fostering dialogue and negotiation. Its significance aligns directly with our Chief's steadfast commitment to prioritizing community safety above all other considerations.

Catalyst for De-Escalation and Peaceful Resolution - De-escalation is rooted in the principles of time, distance, and shielding. Whether navigating crises or negotiations, this vehicle grants us the invaluable gift of time—a crucial factor in ensuring safe and measured responses. This strategic advantage creates an atmosphere conducive to dialogue and negotiation, paving the way towards peaceful conflict resolution without the need for forceful interventions. 

Dynamic Functionality in Crisis Response and Rescue - Its maneuverability and robustness as a rescue vehicle and mobile medical unit will aid our officers in rescue missions, evacuations, and threat containment, ensuring the safety of both responders and civilians. Specifically designed as a mobile medical unit, the ERV is  equipped with secure litters, IV bag holders, a fully stocked medical workstation, essential supplies,  and onboard oxygen, the vehicle is configured to deliver swift and effective medical care when most needed.

Shield of Protection - Its armored structure serves as a protective barrier, enabling safe and secure evacuations while mitigating potential risks. It provides an elevated vantage point for assessing situations, offering alternative viewpoints in potentially volatile environments. With the capability to position responders strategically or safely evacuate individuals from hazardous areas, the ERV enhances our ability to navigate complex scenarios with caution and care.


The Brentwood Police Department remains steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, continuously evaluating and adapting our strategies to fulfill the vital responsibility of safeguarding our community—a duty we hold in the highest regard.